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Use our application to manage spectators during the rally. Implement new tools to improve the quality of the event.

For Organizers For Spectators

Rally Viewer Standard


Our experience and active participation in rallies around the Europe let us create a perfect tool – application that fills the gap between Organizers, Sponsors and Spectators. This way we were able to define new standard - Rally Viewer Standard.

Rally Viewer - Software for Specatators

Rally Viewer - tool for Organizers

Rally viewer

unique to each rally

We Take care of every detail during the customization of application for specific event.

  • Individually prepared graphic template consistent with the logo of your rally
  • „On-baoards” recorded with our technical or opening car (0 car)
  • Streaming and recording with latest available technology eg drones, 360° cameras, Oculus
  • Integraton of ViewPoints with special navigation system (CloseRoad system)

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Increased fans satisfaction
appreciated among organizers
full reports from events
increase in ticket sales

For Organizers.

Basic functions of Rally Viewer.

Years of cooperation with rallys' organizers helped us create a tool that everyone was missing.


Ticketed space

You can use our application to manage Spectators and direct them to specific zones. Use professional materials, descriptions and technology provided by our experts to let Your Spectators choose the best spot.

Video module

New form of broadcasting

Our application allows fans to create their own relationships. Stream from Spectators' devices are used to create one complete report about the event, that cannot be achieved any other way.

Live stream!

Better security

Live transmission made by our experts it’s not only Rally Radio, but also Direct Warning System ™


Additional features

With our application you can communicate easily with Spectators. It allows You to send key information, warning messages, promote actions and hold special events.

Onboard and drone

Always first on the road

Our team is always first on the route of the rally. With our experience we can help to choose the most interesting places for spectators.

  • Professional relation of the rally special stages
  • We select the most spectacular places on the route of the rally
  • Spectators' security control

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Please keep in mind that preparing of materials takes some time. Do not hesitate to contact with us! You will get the best product.